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“In addition to correcting numerous errors, Derek went above and beyond by making several extraordinarily helpful suggestions. His corrections were easy to read and understand, and his criticisms were always constructive. Derek was accurate, fast, and fun to work with, and I’d strongly recommend his service to any writer serious about improving the quality of their work.”

~Mike McGeever – Screenwriter, Smilers
(WINNER – Bronze Prize, PAGE International Screenwriting Awards)
(WINNER – Script Savvy Screenplay Contest)
(WINNER – 1st Place, Waterfront Film Festival)
(WINNER – 2nd Place, Movie Script Contest “Golden Brad Awards”)


Typos and grammatical errors may not altogether sink a good script, but they can pull a reader out of the moment – and they can
slip by because you’ve read your own script so many times. Not only did Derek ‘find’ errors that were (or should have been) staring me right in the face, he offered help with industry conventions and helpful suggestions to increase the ‘speed of the read.’ Thanks, Derek.

~David Waller Bertoni – Screenwriter, The Stunning Box
(WINNER – Gold Prize – PAGE International Screenwriting Awards)


“Not only does he find those little mistakes of grammar, spelling and proper word usage or phrasing, he tells you why you should make certain changes. In other words, he educates. Derek offers advice on the logic of certain scenes and dialogue and how to make them better using fewer words. I highly recommend his service to both experienced writers and those just starting out.”

~William Johnston – Screenwriter, Do Unto Others, Requited
(GRAND PRIZE WINNER – Reel Writers Contest)
(Finalist – Creative World Awards)
(Second-Rounder – Austin Film Festival Contest)


“Derek’s keen grammatical eye and excellent creative suggestions helped raise my projects to an award-winning level. As far as I’m concerned, unless Derek has gone over my material first, it’s simply not ready for market.”

~Eric Sentell – Screenwriter, I Married a Porn Star
(WINNER – Extreme Screenwriting Contest)


“I’m so glad to have Derek as the first professional reader of my specs and storybooks.”

~Rana Aich – Screenwriter, Hocus-Pocus – In The Land Of Baloney
(WINNER – 2nd Place – Creative World Awards)
(Honorable Mention – Script Savvy Screenplay Contest)
(Finalist – Extreme Screenwriting Contest)


“I have asked Derek Ladd for assistance twice so far. Derek’s corrections and explanations with respect to grammar, format and editing have given my script a decent and cohesive shape, which the readers of many contests have appreciated (as noted in their feedback). Derek’s to-the-point observations and constructive suggestions helped me approach the contents of my script from a more professional point of view. Himself a screenwriter, Derek has provided me with very pertinent observations regarding structure, transition, pacing and quality of dialogue. I am happy I got the chance to work with him and I hope to again in the future.”

~Cornel FilipScreenwriter, Counterpart
(Semifinalist, StoryPros International)
(Quarterfinalist, Scriptapalooza)
(3rd Place, One In Ten Screenplay Contest)


“Derek’s creative line editing and frank suggestions elevated my spec script from ‘also ran’ to ‘top 10%’ in various contests. Finally, my screenplay started getting noticed. What I like most is Derek’s ability to pinpoint the drawback of a particular word choice while proposing an appropriate alternative that complements the scene, and he does it very honestly.”

~Jim Grieco – Award-winning Cinematographer; Screenwriter, Do It!, Five Thousand Years
(Semifinalist – Movie Script Contest “Golden Brad Awards”)


“Through his thoughtful, detailed, and encouraging editing and proofing services at an affordable rate, I was able to take my screenplay to the proverbial ‘next level.’ Derek went above and beyond the call of duty by providing story suggestions and overall enhancements that were first-rate. He even suggested an alternate title, which is not something ordinary editors do. The screenplay that he worked on for me (Jetpack) has already garnered attention in record time. I won’t hesitate to use his services again.”

~Adam Nur – Screenwriter, Jetpack
(Honorable Mention – Script Savvy Screenplay Contest)
(Quarterfinalist – Writers on the Storm)


“My experience with Derek can only be described as outstanding. His knowledge of screenwriting makes him a valuable asset. One of the comments that I received from a contest was, ‘It was one of the cleanest scripts that I had ever seen’.”

~Dorothy St. Louis – Screenwriter, EL CUBANO
(Quarterfinalist – BLUE CAT)
(Top-Twenty Finalist – 20/20 Screenwriting Contest)


“Derek is very professional. His editing abilities are concise, timely, and extremely valuable. He has a knack for pinpointing problem areas while still being true to the original writing. I would not hesitate to use his expertise again; I highly recommend his services.”

~Denice Hughes Lewis – Screenwriter, Light Flight
(Quarterfinalist – PAGE International Screenwriting Awards)


“Derek is a talented storyteller, and I think that’s really important when looking for a good editor. He understands the big picture, and I was very impressed with how much attention to detail he showed in his editing. He did the job quickly, while maintaining a respect for my writing style, so I know my money was well spent.”

~Erin McNamara – Screenwriter, Boru, Counter-Fit, Star Trek: Prodigy


“I thought my most recent script was squeaky clean until I sent it to Derek to proofread. Derek has that rare left-brain/right-brain combination that makes his editorial comments worth twice the money. He can zero in on the grammatical flaws in your script as well as suggest ways to improve your overall story. I now have a product worthy of representing me to the industry. Thanks, Derek. I plan to use your services again soon.”

~Mark Saunders – Screenwriter, Pinot Gris and Curly Fries


“Typos, grammar and formatting mistakes shouldn’t get in the way of your story. Having [Derek] edit my script gives me a feeling of security that the script looks and reads like a professional script should. He is fast, concise and professional. The work was returned on schedule as promised…and he’s great to work with. Thanks Derek!”

~Brian Young – Screenwriter, Aquarianna


“[I was] impressed and thrilled with Derek’s professionalism. He not only edits and makes powerful suggestions, but also explains in great detail why the changes should be made. I highly recommend his services and hope to work with him on future projects.”

~Brenda Lowell – Producer


“Not only did Derek make my script look perfect, he did a brilliant editing job and offered insightful suggestions for improving material I had previously sold. Now that I know the quality of his work and his speedy turnaround time, I would never dream of submitting new material to an agent or producer without running it through his services at least once but probably twice.”

~Erich von Sönne – Screenwriter, ROUT, Watchdogs


“Derek is a thoughtful and encouraging editor of the highest order. He is as gifted at line editing as he is at offering thematic suggestions without being overwhelming; his is the first red pen that didn’t completely scare the hell out of me. I would say he possesses the two qualities most important in an editor: compassion for writers and an unwavering geekiness about grammar.”

~Jennifer Rabin – Screenwriter, The Ride Down
Freelance Writer, Harvard Review, Medium, Willamette Week, Oregon Arts Watch, Portland Mercury, et al


“Derek is extremely impressive, he’s highly skilled, personal, and prompt, and a rare find in that he genuinely cares about his clients and their material. Trustworthy, reasonably priced, and pinpoint accurate. What more can you ask for in an editor?”

~Jaquiline A. Renee – Screenwriter, Purgatory Path


“Derek’s critique was extremely constructive, with detailed notes as well as thoughtful ideas and suggestions to improve the script. Derek is a genuinely sincere person who really enjoys helping other writers to improve their craft. I will continue to use him for all of my future projects.”

~Maria Iacuele – Screenwriter, Amulet


“Other proofreaders have charged me an arm and a leg, while their service has been mediocre. The script got positive feedback from Manager/Producer Brooklyn Weaver and [was also] read by a producer at Benderspink. I would recommend [Derek] to anyone in the screenwriting business.”

~Anand Varma – Screenwriter, Sparky’s Revenge


“You will find Derek to be thoroughly professional, helpful, and responsive. He does what a good editor is supposed to do: he makes your writing better.”

~Karen Kane – Screenwriter, 1000 Places to See Before You Die


“[Derek’s] email made me feel very comfortable. I hired him to work on my precious manuscripts, and a few short weeks later, my corrections arrived in an email. In addition to being inexpensive, the changes and recommendations were clearly explained, and Derek found mistakes that many proofreaders I have used over the past ten years never found.”

~Odette M. Russell – Writer, Kinte Kids


“Derek’s positive comments and suggestions have given me the incentive I need to continue writing. I was pleasantly surprised by the completeness of his editing and the fast turnaround time. It’s a pleasure to work with someone who is professional and personable. I look forward to working with him as I complete my current story and future stories.”

~Kathi Acker – Writer, Crickettown Curse


“[Derek] was a godsend when an agent recently requested the first 30 pages of my manuscript, Rush, for review. The pages were nowhere near ready and Derek was able to clean them up, make great suggestions, and turn it around in less than a week. I was able to send off my pages with confidence, knowing it was the cleanest and tightest draft possible.”

~Laurie Halter – Writer, Rush


“I’m always happy when I find people who think as I do. So to read all the testimonials regarding Derek’s work made my day. Derek’s editing gives me the inspiration to keep sending him my work. He helps me see things in a better light with his attention to detail. Thank you, Derek.”

~Stephanie Burke – Writer, So Deep the Earth


“Derek, your editing service far surpassed my expectations. You streamlined my stories and made them flow the way I intended them to. Your rates are affordable even for poor grad students and I appreciated the rapid turnaround time. A careful review of your ‘marked up’ version of my work helped me understand what aspects of my writing could use improvement. On top of that you’re a really nice person, and you made me feel like a real writer. Thanks.”

~Monica Garcia – Writer