standard Services: screenplay editing and feedback

Diamond (editing, comments, format, proofread, structure analysis, rating): Highly recommended for aspiring writers still learning the craft as well as veterans who want to make sure they turn in a clean draft to agents and producers. This service includes content, line, and copyediting, feedback comments throughout, format editing, proofreading, a detailed structure analysis, and a rating of Pass, Consider, or Recommend. Diamond does it all for a little over two cents per word.

$0.0225 per word  (Standard rate – 10-14 business days)

$0.0275 per word (Expedited rate – 1-3 business days, subject to availability)

Ruby (editing, comments, format, proofread): Recommended for writers who are mostly concerned about grammatical and formatting accuracy than analysis, but who are also interested in another writer’s comments in the body of the script. This service includes content, line, and copyediting, feedback comments throughout, format editing, and proofreading. Ruby is a solid choice for writers who want to make sure their work is clean and polished to stand out from the pack.

$0.0200 per word  (Standard rate – 10-14 business days)

$0.0250 per word (Expedited rate – 1-3 business days, subject to availability)

Sapphire (proofread and format only): If your work needs one more simple polish and a final going over, this is the service you’re looking for. Sapphire focuses solely on proofreading and formatting, and nothing else. If you’re confident in every other aspect of your script, and/or you happen to be a returning client looking for one last going over (discounts available to returning clients), this economical option was made for you.

$0.0150 per word  (Standard rate – 10-14 business days)

$0.0200 per word (Expedited rate – 1-3 business days, subject to availability)

Emerald (structure analysis and rating only): Those who have already put their writing through several stages of editing, polishing, and perhaps even extensive rewriting may only be looking for feedback. Emerald includes a detailed structure analysis and a rating, and that’s all. Designed for both newcomers and veterans, this service provides useful feedback as a kind of measuring stick for the writer to chew on. Depending on the complexity of the project, clients will receive at least a five-page analysis with their rating.

$0.0150 per word  (Standard rate – 10-14 business days)

$0.0200 per word (Expedited rate – 1-3 business days, subject to availability)

Topaz (phone or live video-chat consultation, from one to four participants): This service is offered to those who are unsure about what package best suits their needs, or whether they need any help at all. Clients may want to discuss problem areas related to a current story or screenplay, get feedback on a concept in development or one slated for development, or to negotiate rates and scheduling for an advanced service listed below.

A short phone/video consultation can be a useful first step in deciding the best course of action for your project. Or to satisfy your burning desire to debate films with fellow a film geek, whichever you prefer.

Half-hour consultation – $40.00, scheduled in advance (subject to availability)

One-hour consultation – $75.00, scheduled in advance (subject to availability)

Appointments must be scheduled 12-24 hours in advance. Phone or video-chat consultations are priced for up to four people participating in a single session. Depending on time duration and availability, rates may be adjusted to accommodate additional participants. For information on longer group chats with more than four participants, please Contact me.

Advanced Services: Conceptualization, Development, Writing, etc.

A phone/video-chat consultation is strongly recommended to determine whether Script Raven is a good fit for your project. Yes, you could send a ten-page email, but responding to it may take more time than you can spare.

The following advanced services are made available to clients on a case-by-case basis. Script Raven does not guarantee the availability of advanced services and may decline to offer any of these services for any reason.

Story Development and Treatment:

This service is offered to those who have a great story idea but lack the skill or patience (possibly both) to actually develop it on their own. It is also offered to both established and aspiring producers and directors who may have access to certain assets (locations, actors, props, etc.) and wish to develop a story that will best utilize those assets in a short or feature film. Writers who wish to adapt their novels or memoirs into screenplays but don’t know how may also benefit from this service. At a minimum, this service includes extensive one-on-one consultation and a complete treatment of the story based on those discussions and the client’s assets and goals. The treatment becomes the sole property of the client, who may go on to hire a writer to further develop the story. (Rates and terms are negotiated on an individual basis.)


Screenwriting goes hand-in-hand with the Story Development and Treatment service and can be secured after the client is satisfied with the story development and treatment stage of the process. This service includes writing the script and making the agreed-upon number of edits and rewrites. The client may decide to bring in specialty writers to work on certain scenes, lines of dialogue, technical jargon, and so on. Multiple passes will be made on the script to identify and correct problem areas. This process takes place in stages, which allows clients to only pay for as much writing as they want or need. (Rates and terms are negotiated on an individual basis.)

Script Diagnosis and Doctoring:

Script diagnosis and doctoring involves more than just topical editing and analysis; it usually involves major rewriting and rebuilding, up to and including a page-one rewrite. Ideal candidates are those who have material with a workable concept and solid bones, but is deeply flawed in so many areas it needs a major overhaul. In some cases, the concept is the only salvageable story element, which means the doctoring will lean more heavily toward rewriting. This service includes a detailed diagnosis of the script to point out each and every problem area, a rough treatment of how each of these problems could be fixed, and a proposal for doing the actual work. The client is not obligated to hire Script Raven for the actual doctoring work if a different writer is preferred. Unless there is a strong disagreement with another analyst’s diagnosis, recommendations from other sources will be accommodated. (Rates and terms are negotiated on an individual basis.)

Targeted Punch-Up:

A targeted punch-up involves improving specific areas of a script to elevate the overall material. An action screenplay may be lacking enough captivating action sequences, or the ones on the page may be too short, too long, too boring, or too unrealistic. A thriller screenplay might have a solid structure and a compelling story, but the writer may want to elevate the suspense in one or more scenes. A targeted punch-up can be applied to any script component, from action line descriptions to dialogue to fight scene choreography. It can also be applied to the four storytelling cornerstones (character, plot, setting, and theme) on a macro level. This service involves at least some rewriting, and more extensive changes made to one area may impact other areas of the story. (Rates and terms are negotiated on an individual basis.)